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    The healthy way out of the tiredness labyrinth by Dr. med. Anne Fleck.

    The first comprehensive medical non-fiction book on the subject of lack of energy and fatigue, which offers everyone the chance to revolutionize health and remedy lack of energy.

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    “I am overwhelmed and grateful that a medical non-fiction book makes it onto the bestseller list so quickly.
    This shows people’s need for solid medical knowledge. ”Dr. med. Anne Fleck. And she goes on to say: “The body does not lie, it is our very best friend. It shows us that something is wrong with symptoms such as tiredness. Searching for the cause helps to revolutionize overall health and energy levels. “

    Secure a copy from dtv Verlag. *HERE* .

    GMK Spring/Summer 2021

    Inspired by a trip to the south, starting in the spring-like landscape of Central Europe over the Côte d’Azur to the Moroccan desert, the collection reflects a longing for sun and travel – a desire that is currently very present for many.

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    The “Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection” consists of a total of 97 parts, divided into three drops. The Curvy Collection comprises 46 parts, consisting of two drops. The launch will also be supported by a large-scale TV campaign that will start on April 9th.
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    Another testimonial deal for Verona Pooth.

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    For the game “Solitaire Grand Harvest” Verona shot for 4 days on a real farm – with all the extras: shearing sheep, mucking out the barn and much more. The result? Four really funny and authentic TV commercials. 


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